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The north side of the village of Barra del Colorado (known as Barra North)  is serviced by a water well and a water tank funded by a generous donation. The water tank provides water for approximately 900 residents. It is used for cooking, washing and drinking. 

In March 2023, Barra North asked for support to help repair their rusting water tank. Because of the location of the rust, the failure of the tank would force hundreds of people to switch to the tainted rainwater and contaminated river water. This is a separate issue from the families living on the smaller islands and spread throughout the jungle that already drinks the same water sources, which we are addressing with our clean water filters. Our water filter project is not a feasible solution for the village residents.

Because of the poverty state of most families in the village, their financial contribution to the water service is very minimal, resulting in no capital for repairs or replacement. A bank loan is not possible as they have deemed the residents have no assets for collateral. The government provides very little infrastructure to the area. 


Our strategy is to assist with raising the amount needed to repair the water tank. The repair is the only feasible option because the replacement cost is out of reach. The high cost of repair is a reflection of the cost of supplies, labour, and transportation to this secluded community that can only be reached by boat. Funding will be provided in phases as certain milestones are achieved.  


We are currently in the fundraising process. 


The cost of the project is $55,000*. We invite you to partner with us to repair the water tank so that the residents can continue to have access to clean water. This is an opportunity to give the gift of life.


There are various ways** to donate to this project:

  1. Via credit card: Click on the "donate" button below and give towards the "Special Project" option.

  2. Via e-transfer: E-transfers can be sent to Please indicate the donation is for the special project or let us know via a separate email.

  3. Via cheque: Cheques can be made payable to "The Hope Project." Please contact us for further information.


In the event of excess funds or the project's cancellation due to the lack of funds, donated funds will be redirected to our clean water filter project. 


* Up to 10% will be used for administrative expenses such as bank fees and fluctuating currency exchange rates.

**No transaction fees are associated with options 2 and 3, meaning 100% of your donation will go towards the project.

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