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We provide opportunities for people like you to visit the areas we are supporting and see first-hand the difference you are making. You will be joining the front lines of life-changing work. Your presence alone brings hope to a group of children and families that are often overlooked. 

During a typical trip, you will be participating in our current activities in Barra del Colorado. Occasionally, we may have opportunities to participate in a pilot project as resources become available to meet new needs of the local residents or expand a current activity to unreached areas within the region. 

Whether this is your first time or a returning member, we welcome you to join us on our next trip!


Is there a minimum or maximum age?

While there is no minimum or maximum age, we do have some conditions.  Teenagers that are 16 years old through to 18 years old can participate with parental permission.  Anyone younger must have at least one parent attending.  Anyone under 12 years old must be mature and independent enough to not be a distraction to the team.  We will not be able to meet any special requests/accommodations for your children.

What is your COVID policy?

We follow all government health and travel orders in Canada, layover countries, and the final destination.

How  long is a trip?

A trip is typically 8-11 days long. There are various factors, including costs, scheduling, flight availability, and project opportunities.

How do I qualify?

There are no qualifications except a willingness to serve in any capacity as needed. We are guests in the country, and therefore we follow all local customs.

Do I need to know the local language?

No, we have local translators joining us throughout the trip.

Are these trips religious in nature?

It can be but not necessarily.  You can generally tell the style and expectations of the trips based on the organization partners for that specific trip. We may also be working in local religious settings. When in doubt, feel free to contact us for clarification.

What is the cost?

Trip budgets vary depending on flight expenses, project expenses, and exchange rate. Each team member will be responsible to help raise funds to meet the budget. Contact us for further explanation.

Is there preparation work involved?

Expect up to 6 team meetings leading up to the trip. These meetings are used for training and team building.

How do I sign-up?

We are currently not taking public registrations. Participants must be registered through a participating 

organization. Each organization will have their own criteria and vetting process. 

How can my organization participate on a team?

If you represent an organization or company that wants to send a team through our organization, we welcome the conversation! We can provide a trip leader and customize the experience for your participants. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.


​Vincent was super organized in preparing the team for our cross-cultural mission.  Everything was well planned from pre-trip team building to the nightly debriefings.  He demonstrated grace and control ready for any environment we entered or unexpected circumstances, including re-booking flights for 20 people due to hurricane related cancellations! My experience on the mission trip to Costa Rica stirred in me a greater passion to go beyond wanting to make a difference in the world.  The many faces of poverty need to encounter love in such a way that it sparks hope for change, to break the generational poverty cycle and ignite belief for new life.  It was impactful and inspiring for me to be on the Costa Rica 2017 Team. Serving along the frontlines with Moviendo Esperanzas in their dedicated outreach to families living in impoverished communities, my eyes were widened to God’s amazing love in motion.

JEAN (2017)

​Over the course of 7 days, we distributed 169 shoeboxes and fitted 1064 pairs of shoes.  We went into the slums (the poorest of the poor neighbourhoods) and served in the local churches and schools.  We (“Chino from China” as the children affectionately referred to us) would interact with the children through games, crafts, face painting, nail painting, songs and even simply through a smile or a gentle touch.  The highlight each day was watching the children open their shoeboxes and seeing their big smiles when they held up that toothbrush or hugging that stuff animal or hearing them squeal when they got a pair of brand new shoes.  Things that we sometimes take for granted were considered priceless! I often think of the children and I doubt I would ever see them again but I know that I played a part in bringing smiles to their faces and hopefully hope for a better future. 


All that's really required from people is a desire to go and serve those communities. You're  more equipped than you know, and opportunities like this provide valuable time to learn more about yourself. What are some hidden strengths? What things am I weak on? Everything can be provided through time and training, but the one requirement to go on this trip: willingness. If you're willing, a trip like this can teach you more about the world than any book, and more about yourself than any other experience. 

CLEMENT (2017)

When I took part in the 2016 Operation Christmas Child distribution trip in Costa Rica, I became part of a team where every member was united in their compassion for children and for reaching out to those in need. Being onsite, learning about the communities, developing friendships that span countries, and putting faith into action; these are the invaluable takeaways that continue to speak to me and resonate in my life.



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